Direct from artist to art patron, from me to you, I am very pleased to present a collection of my fine art body paintings in 2 new mediums currently offered only here. The result is the creation of a fine art offering we feel is unmatched in presentation with the distinctive ability to deliver a depth of detail that honors the original vision of each unique body painting.




After careful consideration, I specifically selected the format of my delivery mediums as 2-D metal prints and 3-D laser etched crystal sculptures offered in signed, archival quality limited editions as the final expression of my live fine art body painting. Each of these cutting edge technologies conveys pure beauty offered in the form of a collectible work of art that honors to the original vision -timelessly preserved, as an elegant expression of this otherwise ephemeral art form.

As an artist living in Los Angeles, I am grateful for the privilege of working directly with the best fine art reproduction specialists in the world. Together it has been our passion to strive to faithfully maintain the core vision and essence of the original live painting throughout each step of the production process.

Any products you purchase directly from the studio, I would consider to be a dual investment in both the artwork itself and in the artists who created them. All artwork sold to the original buyer through this page comes with my personal guarantee that the final work will exceed your expectations in every way or can return it to us – anytime, for the life of the piece. I want you that happy. Thank you for supporting the arts!


Michael Rosner
Artist, Teacher and Executive Director
Eye Level Studio



Metal Prints

This offering of archival quality, limited-edition metal prints are completely stunning. Color literally bonds to metal on 0.45″ inch thick aluminum plate utilizing a dye sublimation process that combines on the enhanced polished metal surface to reveal a richness of quality and depth you have to see in person to fully appreciate.
This metal print format was selected, in part, because of a unique option that occurs during the production process. Areas of the source image containing white highlights are removed to expose the natural reflective polished metal that seems to infuse light below the surface into an almost glowing luminescent presentation. The metal itself pulls the light back behind image in a sense backlighting all of the tiny surface detail within that displays unparalleled depth conveying a backlit quality similar to the display of a computer monitor, tablet or cell phone. When observed with the naked eye, it feels like the color and dimensional detail are bursting off the surface.

Included free with every print is a optional hidden floating wall mount, so that your prints will look stunning when displayed frameless. If a frame is preferred, our metal prints are conveniently sized according to 4 industry options for complimentary frame selection locally, even after the art is hung on your own wall.

Crystal Sculptures

Inspiration and imaginative engineering combine in this emerging technology to utilize a state of the art sub-surface laser 3D engraving process that captures the vision of Rosner’s otherwise ephemeral body paintings.

Fossilized reflected light and cast shadow are preserved in elegant perfection as apparitions of cool beauty that cleanly showcase Rosner’s unique vision of living sculpture -now preserved in 3 dimensions.

Timelessly suspended within a core of perfectly clear, flawless, lead-free crystal, the richness and depth is observable down to the crisp details of every facet where the light seems to spark with extraordinarily clear optical brilliance.

Each limited edition, archival quality piece is carefully shipped with crafted gift box and comes engraved with the artist’s signature, numbered certificate of authenticity and a stunning LED light base so that your art will look stunning when on display.

3d Engraving Process

Captured light: a lighting strike of brilliance.

The latest state of the art technology combines with Rosner’s fine art body painting to recapture and share his living art infused in supreme quality crystal offered as a 3D sculpture.

Each hand-selected crystal is inspected to be optically uniform and contain no defects so that a computer-guided laser can pass thru the crystal without causing damage. To avoid cracking, the laser is controlled with a low intensity lightning-like pulse of light directed to a fixed space within the crystal where concentrated energy strikes a precise predetermined focused point with an intensity that exceeds the damage threshold -resulting in a micro-fracture or point, less than .005.”

Each point is etched with the perfect image depth, definition and precise spatial location as the computer guided laser travels on a pre-determined mapped path that has been sourced from the a 3D rendered model of the artist’s original work. To make the beam move between points, it’s reflected from a mirror that is repositioned between pulses. The mirror is moved by computer-controlled precision motors, so many points can be drawn with great speed and accuracy. Multiple arrays of fixed points, sometimes millions of them within a single work, one-by-one combine in microscopic branching chains of the fine detail to reform the living essence of the fine art body paintings.


We have LED light bases and crystal rotary light bases to help you display and enhance your 2D or 3D laser engraved crystal sculpture.
These light display stands (also called rotary light base, crystal light stands, or lighted bases) make the laser etched crystals more eye-catching.

The light bases for crystals are suitable for both home uses and public display. These crystal light bases can be either operated with a wall adaptor, batteries, or both.

Some base styles include a mirror top surface, and the LED light display stands come in either white or multi-color. The white color crystal light bases deliver constant light intensity while the multi-colored crystal light bases show rotating color from changing intensity of individual LED bulbs.

limited editions

No two editions are the same. Each is edition available will be released according to the following table:

Other than AP (artist proof) prints and prototype crystal sculptures, all artwork is strictly available in quantities and dimensions outlined here. Again, with respect to collectors, no images will be created beyond the edition numbering outlined here.

Metal Prints

5 x 7 inches
Quantity: 10

9 x 12 inches
Quantity: 10

18 x 24 inches
Quantity: 10

Extra Large
20 x 30 inches
Quantity: 3

Crystal Forms

Limited run
Custom size
6 per edition Maximum

Just like the original body paintings themselves, once they’re gone, they’re gone. If you’re interested in a sold out work, they may still be available in the collector’s aftermarket and in galleries.

certificate of authenticity

All artwork sold is verified, signed and numbered and comes with a corresponding signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity from the artist – Eye Level Studio.

Archival Quality

METAL PRINTS – 2D dye sublimation

We utilize a state of the art dye sublimation and heat transfer process to produce our metal prints that uses a process of baked-heat and pressure that turns the inks into a gaseous state for just a moment before being captured and bonded to the metal with an amazing gloss and deep vibrant colors. Using a process of heat and pressure, the inks are permanently bonded to the metal resulting in an archival fade-proof, crack proof surface that is guaranteed for life.


Each hand-selected crystal is inspected to be optically uniform and contain no defects so that a computer-guided laser can pass thru the crystal without causing damage. A mixture of the purest materials -quartz sand, soda, potash, aluminum and other admixtures combine at high temperatures yielding our base substrate – crystal glass. The base formed crystal can be created in a wide range of sizes and shapes; with careful refinement, processing and polishing result in unmatched clarity critical for production.


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Satisfaction Guarantee

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All artwork sold is verified, signed and numbered limited edition and comes with a corresponding signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity from Eye Level Studio. All shipments are carefully packaged according to content and come with a 14-day period to report any damage or defects in workmanship after receiving your item(s). Light bases are warranted for workmanship defects for a period of one year after purchase.

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